Thursday, March 22, 2012

Equity Research - Knol Book of Readings

Proposed Chapters



Financial Statements

Financial Statement Analysis

Fundamental Analysis or Fundamental Equity Research

Graham and Dodd's Equity Analysis

Phil Fisher's Scuttlebutt

Practice by Warren Buffett

Dividend Discount Model

Relative Valuation Methods

Economy Analysis

Industry Analysis

Company Analysis

Cash Flow Discount  Models

Target Prices and Target Price Determination

Technical Analysis of Equity Prices

Quantitative Equity Analysis

Behavioral Finance - Equity Research Implications

Efficient Markets Theory

Market Anomalies and Equity Research

Equity Research Report Writing

Benefits of Equity Research - Scientific Assessments

Introduction to Equity Research - Knol Book Chapter Collection 

Graham and Dodd's Equity Analysis 

Industry Analysis - Chapter Knol Collection

Company Analysis and Financial Modeling - Chapter Knol Collection

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