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Equity Research - Online Textbook on Knol

Equity Research - Online Textbook on Knol

Equity Research - Online Textbook on Knol


The Book Scheme (Proposed)



Financial Statements

Financial Statement Analysis

Fundamental Analysis or Fundamental Equity Research

Graham and Dodd's Equity Analysis

Phil Fisher's Scuttlebutt

Practice by Warren Buffett

Dividend Discount Model

Relative Valuation Methods

Economy Analysis

Industry Analysis

Company Analysis

Cash Flow Discount  Models

Target Prices and Target Price Determination

Technical Analysis of Equity Prices

Quantitative Equity Analysis

Behavioral Finance - Equity Research Implications

Efficient Markets Theory

Market Anomalies and Equity Research

Equity Research Report Writing

Recent Research Findings - Equity Analysis and Valuation

Benefits of Equity Research - Scientific Assessments


Collected Knols


Existing Knols being collected

The existing knols relevant to the chapter are being collected first so that they can be included in the content of the book appropriately.
Narayana Rao - 12 Nov 2010
Thank you for the comment.

Request you to suggest knols from yours for inclusion in the chapter Behavioral Finance - Equity Research Implications.

You can write your selection on the knol promotion board. I shall transfer them from there to here. That way they will get some exposure on the Knol promotion board also. Many knols require lot more backlinks to get good ranking in Google search pages. I find only those knols which were included by some others on their pages are getting page views. While we cannot do much with respect to others' actions we need to create some links ourselves.
Narayana Rao - 12 Nov 2010
Thanks to the inclusions. You are doing a big and useful job.
Peter Greenfinch - 12 Nov 2010

Book Scheme is announced

Presently only book scheme is announced. Some existing articles written by me or others are collected under some chapters. Writing chapters/sections will take considerable amount of time. Writing will be done during quarters that I teach this subject. The material created will be used in the classroom thus doing an evaluation of the material in the classroom.
Narayana Rao - 09 Nov 2010
Dear Peter Greenfinch

Thank you for the suggestion. Let me first write a section on analysis and valuation in the introductory chapter and distinguish the two and then see if I can cleanly separate them into two parts or both are present in turns and hence both may come in the same chapter in various chapters. I shall include many of your articles in the chapter collections now. Even though I want to write separate articles for each section of the chapter, it will take years. I want to first indicate existing knols as forming part of the chapter scheme. That way visitors have some materials to look as a supplement to the text or book they are following.

Narayana Rao - 09 Nov 2010
Good scheme
Maybe divide it into two main sections
* Analysis
* Valuation
Peter Greenfinch - 09 Nov 2010


  1. Sir,

    The content scheme you posted is awesome.
    I would like to access these contents.But the link directed towards knol site.and giving message as This content is no longer available on Knol.


  2. Dear Abhinav

    Thank you for the comment. Migrating content from Knol to other platform is proving a tough task. Now that you pointed out this collection, I shall focus on this and post related articles first on blog and then give the new links in two or three days.

    Thank you once again from providing the reason to take up the task.

  3. Dear Abhinav

    Thanks to your comment, I updated this book. Still some more work is there to make it more useful. I shall take it up and do it. Especially, as I move away from Knol to full internet, the book definitely can be made much more rich and useful.