Sunday, July 1, 2018

1 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1 July 1946  Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

1 July 1929  Gerald Maurice Edelman - Nobel Prize in Medicine - 1972

  - 2011 interview

1 July 1941 Alfred G. Gilman - Nobel Prize in Medicine

1 July 1941 Myron Samuel Scholes - Noble Prize in Economics - Black-Scholes Model of Option Pricing



Development and Commecialization

1 July 1910 First completely automatic bread baking plant was opened by the Ward Baking Company of Chicago, USA.

1 July 1934 First X-Ray of the whole body was taken

1 July 1967 BBC2 started colour television broadcasting

USA Space Center
On July 1, 1962, the space center — then known as Launch Operations Center — was officially acknowledged as an operating spaceflight center. The named was changed to the John F. Kennedy Space Center after President Kennedy’s death in 1963.
50th Anniversary Activities on 1 July 2012

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