Monday, October 19, 2015

19 October Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1860 -  The Società Anonima del nuova motore Barsante e Matteucci (Anonymous Society of the New Barsanti and Matteucci Engine) was formed in Florence, Italy, to manufacture internal combustion engines.  On 5 Jun 1853, Father Eugenio Barsante and engineer Felice Matteucci were the first to record having designed a three-stroke gas engine. They obtained British patents. The first engine in actual operation was installed in 1856 at the Maria Antonia Railway Station in Florence.

1973 -  A US Federal Judge  declared the ENIAC patent invalid and belatedly credited physicist John Atanasoff with developing the first electronic digital computer, the Atanasoff- Berry Computer or the ABC. It was built in 1937-42 at Iowa State University by Atanadoff and a graduate student, Clifford Berry.

2012 - An announcement was made that engineers at Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS), England has developed a way to create petrol from air and water. Initial plan is to make a plant that will make 1,200 litres a day.


1862 - Auguste Lumiere

1910 Subramanyam Chandrasekhar  (Nobel in 1983)

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