Thursday, November 29, 2012

12 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1957 - The first total artificial heart implantation in an animal - It kept a dog alive for 90 minutes in a pioneering experiment at the Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Willem Kolff and Dr. Tetuzo Akutsu.


1866 -   Alfred Werner - Swiss chemist - research into the structure of coordination compounds -  the 1913 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. He demonstrated that stereochemistry exists in compounds other than that of carbon also.
Stereochemistry - Introduction

1918 - Igor Ansoff

1927 -   Robert Noyce - American engineer and inventor - He along with Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit. He held sixteen patents for semiconductor devices, methods, and structures. In 1968, he and Gordon E. Moore founded N.M. Electronics. It was later renamed Intel Corporation. Noyce was  Intel's president and chairman during 1968-75, then served as vice chairman until 1979.

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Control Techniques and Information Technology

Productivity Control

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