Monday, July 21, 2014

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Design - MIT - Open Courseware

Every manufacturing manager has to know what customer wants and must be able to design a system that produces what the customer wants at a profit. No doubt a manager can take the help of many specialists in this activity and also consultants.

The course on Manufacturing and Supply Chain Design by MIT is an interesting course in this respect.

Full course lectures are available in the course page.

Faculty Stephen Graves

Some Information of the Course

Main topic covered in the course.

Manufacturing system design

Supply chain design: network
optimization, sourcing, pricing

Flexibility and capacity planning

Manufacturing system design

For the design process, Graves gives the following sequence

Design Process
• Benchmarking and best practices
• Development of design concept
• Development of design guidelines
• Detailed design process
• Development of personnel and material requirements
• Installation and verification of processes  and procedures

Technology selection is an important issue in manufacturing system design and Graves has not included it in the step. Technology has a relationship to capital requirement and manpower requirement and hence optimal decision is an economic one. Capital costs and manpower costs over the life of the technology decide the technology choice whenever alternatives exist.

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