Sunday, June 1, 2014

1 June Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


Nobel Prize Winners

1917 William S. Knowles  - Chem

Other Scientists, Engineers, Management Scholars and Managers

1796 - Sadi Carnot - Steam engine cycle
1849 - Francis Edgar Stanley - Steam driven automobiles
1849 - Feelan O Stanley - Steam driven automobiles
1863 - Hugo Munsterberg - Application of Psychology to Business
1907 - Sir Frank Whittle - Jet Propulsion


1852 Improvement in typewriter - Improvement in copying manuscript - No. 8980
1869 Thomas Edison obtained a patent for an electrographic vote recorder. This was his first patent. Patent number 90646
1875 - Patent for preparing dried coconut powder was given. Patent number 163,962
1880 - First pay telephone service for public use was started in USA.
1909 - Edison received a patent for shaft coupling - US No. 923,633
1951 - First fully integrated titanium plant was opened in Henderson, Nevada
1955 - Solar energy battery capable of Producing half a volt of electricity was shipped by National Fabricated Products, USA.
2002 - First National law on light pollution went into effect in Czech republic

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