Friday, May 17, 2013

Confucius on Leadership by John Adair - Book Review and Summary

John Adair's book Confucius on Leadership was published in 2013.

While Confucius is known to many as a philosopher and Confucianism is even treated as a religion, Adair, a scholar on leadership identified that Confucius tried to develop leadership among the Chinese and made efforts in that direction.

Confucius on Leadership - Google Book with preview facility

Part 1 The Generic Role of Leader

1. What is leadership?
2. Leading from in front
3. Achieving the task
4. Building the team
5. Developing the individual

Part 2 Some Qualities Necessary in Leaders

6. Enthusiasm
7. Integrity
8. Tough and demanding but fair
9. Warmth
10. Humility

Conclusion: The path to leadership

 A Biographical Sketch of Confucius

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The Relevance of Confucian Philosophy to Modern Concepts of Leadership and Followership

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