Saturday, October 5, 2013

Customer Satisfaction Focus - Resource Efficiency Focus

Managers have to simultaneously take care of customer satisfaction and resource efficiency.

Industrial engineers specialize in resource efficiency of engineering activities.

Eleven Customer-Focused Practices of Baldrige Award Winners

1. Multiple listening posts for understanding customer requirements
2. Highly refined recovery systems and complaint management processes
3. Comprehensive, creative, and continuous interface with the customer
4. Clarity about customer segments and their requirements
5. Customer focus is demonstrated at all levels and cascades from the top
6. Customer requirements and marketplace needs drive new product
7. Organization structures that support a customer-focused orientation
8. Information about customers is frequently and widely communicated
9. Missions that extend beyond customers and the boundaries of the business
10. Technology and operational processes mapped to customer service
11. Key results measures reflect high levels of customer service and satisfaction

4Cs of Customer Focused Solutions

Resource Efficiency Focus Initiatives

Deloitte Consultants are promoting resource efficiency now

A resource-focused approach to running your supply chain can enhance margins and help  win market share. If  suppliers are using too much energy, materials or water,  then they are spending too much money. And the extra expense is being born by  the supply chain. Help them become more efficient and then use the savings to increase the supply chain profit margins and market share.

Resource efficiency is a new and untapped opportunity, says Deloitte

Why? Efficiency initiatives of the past focused on systems and processes, rather than resources. A resource-focused approach – reducing energy, carbon, water, materials and waste – can offer an alternative and new way to achieve significant savings with rapid payback.

High Profit Supply Chain - Deloitte 2013 paper

Resource Efficiency - European Commission Netherlands 2013 Policy papers

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