Friday, April 3, 2015

Do Extra Effort for Summer Placement and Final Placement If You are Studying in a Less Known Institute

Don't lose heart if you are studying in a lesser known institute for your MBA. If you want to excel, you can still excel. You have the opportunity to display your talent to top most companies but you need to make extra efforts. If you are in an elite university or institution, top companies come in search of you. But if you are not in their target company list, still they will be willing to consider if you approach them with a bio-data worth looking at. You need to build up your academic credentials, extra-curricular credentials and your managerial and leadership skills.

If your achievements are visible and noticeable they will look at you. Try to find the successful among your alumni and approach them for guidance. Follow their advice and perform to their satisfaction.

Read the following article in Wall Street Journal.
How 300 Emails gave an internship in a Wall Street Top Company to a student in non-elite Institute.


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