Friday, July 29, 2016

Business Schools Infrastructure and Other Facilities

Most beautiful business schools

The Business School in the Twenty-First Century: Emergent Challenges and New Business Models
Howard Thomas, Peter Lorange, Jagdish Sheth
Cambridge University Press, 18-Jul-2013 - Business & Economics

Stanford Business School Breaks Ground on New Campus for 21st Century
Environmentally Sustainable Campus Will Be Named Knight Management Center.
September 10, 2008

Harvard Business School's one billion dollars fund raising Plan
In Indian rupees it is equal to 6700 crores.

Questions about the status, identity and legitimacy of business schools in the modern university system continue to stimulate debate amongst deans, educational policy makers and commentators. In this book, three world experts share their critical insights on management education and new business school models in the USA, Europe and Asia, on designing the business school of the future, and how to make it work. They look at how the business school is changing and focus in particular on emergent global challenges and innovations in curricula, professional roles, pedagogy, uses of technology and organisational delineations. Set within the context of a wider discussion about management as a profession, the authors provide a systematic, historical perspective, analysing major trends in business school models, and reviewing a wealth of current literature, to provide an informed and unique perspective that is firmly grounded in practical and experimental analysis.

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