Monday, September 15, 2014

16 September - Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


1999 - Exercise Device

1999 - Pro-fragrance silicone polymer and compositions thereof      WO 1999046318 A1

1999 - Abrasion resistant polymeric foam and stain receivers made therefrom
WO 1999046319 A1

Great Lakes Chemical Co. incorporated 1970. (Great Lakes and Crompton have merged to form Chemtura.)
Albrecht Kossel born 1853: chemistry of cells and proteins; Nobel prize (Medicine), 1910

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that deplete the Ozone Layer was signed by 24 nations, 1987.

Guillaume-François Rouelle born 1703: classification of salts.

Albert Szent-Györgyi born 1893: ascorbic acid (Vitamin C); bioenergetics, carbohydrate metabolism, and cellular oxidation; Nobel prize (Medicine), 1937

Oxford University developers announced electric cap that improves learning.

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