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Management of Political Party in Democratic States (Countries)

Articles on the Theme

Democracy and Political Parties

Marketing or Understanding the Needs and Desires of People

Formation of a Political party

Constitution of a Political Party


Enrolling and Developing Members

Activities of Members

Party Organization

Financial Management of the Party

     Campaign Financing Through Crowd Funding

Mass Contact Programmes

Manifesto of the Party

Views of the Party on Legislative and Administrative Issues


Election Manifesto

Selection of constituencies and Candidates

Management of Election Campaigns

Election Canvassing

Voter Mobilization

Training of Legislators

Training of Administrative Team (Government) of the Party

Separation of Government and Party Affairs when in Power

Information Technology for Political Party Management

Management of Coalition Politilcs

Disciplining the Members

Mass Meetings

Protest Movements

Social Infrastructure Development

Cyber Political Parties



Promoting Credible Elections & Democratic Governance in Africa

Modern Political Party Management - What Can Be Learned from International Practices?
Catrina Schl├Ąger and Judith Christ (Eds.), 2014
Shanghai Coordination Office for International Cooperation
7A Da An Plaza East Tower, 829 Yan An Zhong Road
Tel: +86-21-6247-2529 Zip Code: 200040

A Guide to Political Party Development
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) 2008
2030 M Street, NW • Floor 5
Washington, DC 20036

Best Practices of Effective Parties: Three training modules for political parties
Erica Breth and Julian Quibell, eds.
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) 2003
2030 M Street, NW • Floor 5
Washington, DC 20036

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