Wednesday, May 14, 2014

14 May Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1796 - Edward Jenner administered his first experimental immunisation dose.
1853 - Gail Borden invented her process for condensed milk.
1856 - Charles Darwin began writing his book "The Origin of Species"
1878 - The name Vaseline was registered as a trademark.
1963 - First patent on Solar Air Plane (First pubic test flight of solar air plane E-Fan was done on 25 April 2014)
1973 - United States launched "Skylab One"


1815 - George Fownes - Prepared furfurine and benzoline
1863 - John Charles Fields - Mathematicians - Fields Medal in mathematics was funded by him.
1872 - Mikhail Semyonovich Tswett - Father of Chromotography
1893 - William R. Spriegel (Management)

1984 - Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook - This digital media vehicle also helped knowledge creation and knowledge transfer)

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