Thursday, March 14, 2013

Manufacturing Management - History

Manufacturing management came into existence only after the development of factory system. Large number of people were employed in armies, church activities and construction activities before. But large number of people were not employed in manufacturing activities till the emergence of factory system of production which employed machines driven by steam and hydraulic power.

The series of events that resulted in factory system occurred largely in England during 1770 to early 1800. Eight inventions were responsible for this.

1. Hargreaves'  Spinning Jenny
2. Arkwright's Water Frame
3. Crompton's Mule
4. Cartwrights's Power Loom
5. Watt's Steam Engine
6. Berthollet's Chlorine Bleaching Process
7. Maudslay's Screw-Cutting Lathe
8. Interchangeable Manufacture

Source; Manufacturing Organization and Management, Fourth Edition,
Harold Amrine, John A. Ritchey, Oliver S. Helley

Charles Babbage

The work of Charles Babbage, On the Economy of Machinery in Manufacturing can be cited as the first book related to manufacturing management.

Frederick W. Taylor

Taylor's paper on "A Piece Rate System" dealth with payments to workers of factories. His paper "Shop Management" published in 1903 is totally devoted to manufacturing management. He published "The Principles of Scientific Management" in 1911 and this is also a contribution in the area of manufacturing management.

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