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Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, Second Edition - George Koenigsaecker - Book Information

Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, Second Edition
George Koenigsaecker
CRC Press, 26-Sep-2012 - Business & Economics - 264 pages

George Koenigsaecker is President of Jacobs Vehicle Equipment Company. He led the lean conversion there. From 1992 to 1999, he led the lean conversion of the Hon Company, a $1.5 billion office furniture company.

His book explains his experience and suggestion for leading lean tranformations.

Updated with new information, illustrations, and leadership tools, Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, Second Edition describes how the metrics used by Toyota drive every line item in a financial statement in the right direction. Rather than focus on Lean tools and principles, the new edition of this bestselling reference focuses on what may be the least understood and most critical aspect of a Lean transformation: the building of a Lean culture. In addition to new appendices with background information and insightful stories on Lean leadership and implementation, it includes new information on tactical organization practices, strategy deployment, and Lean culture.

An inductee to IndustryWeek's Hall of Fame, George Koenigsaecker illustrates successful strategies and valuable lessons learned with case histories of U.S. leaders who have been instrumental in bringing Lean to the forefront. He explains the use of value stream analysis at the leadership level and describes how to structure kaizen events that can improve the value stream. Organized in the chronological sequence that a leader embarking on a Lean journey would experience, the book discusses the methods used by the author during the Hon Company’s successful Lean conversion, which doubled productivity, tripled revenues, and led IndustryWeek to recognize Hon as one of the "World’s 100 Best Managed Firms."

The book not only introduces powerful leadership tools—including strategy deployment, transformation value stream analysis, and transformation plan of care—but also arms potential change agents with the soft skills needed to define, develop, and communicate their vision. Detailing the steps required to sustain improvements, it supplies time-tested guidance for effective leadership throughout a Lean transformation in any organization.

Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition
The Author

Chapter 1 : My Journey of Lean Learning : Eleven Corporate Transformations
Chapter 2 : What Is Lean?
Chapter 3 : Measurement Can Be Easy
Chapter 4 : Value Stream Analysis Provides the Improvement Plan - And Kaizen Events Make It Happen
Chapter 5 : Tactical Organizational Practices
Chapter 6 : Strategic Organizational Practices
Chapter 7 : Building a Lean Culture

Appendix A : A Lean Tutorial
Appendix B : Building a Sustainable Lean Culture : The Watlow Way
Appendix C : Watlow’s Enterprise Visual Management System : Mission Control
Appendix D : The Origin of Simpler’s Transformation ContinuumSM
Appendix E : Red River Army Depot : Accelerating Lean through Leadership Immersion
Appendix F : A New Product Design System That Uses Lean Principles
Appendix G : Autoliv : Empowered to Solve Problems

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