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Proplanner for Production Systems Planning - ProTime 2011 for Time Studies


Proplanner is process engineering and management software for discrete manufacturers. These applications automate, streamline and integrate engineering activities and help industrial and manufacturing engineers who design and plan production systems for new and modified products.


Layout Planner provides industrial, manufacturing and layout engineers with a quick, objective layout design tool. Based on Richard Muther’s Systemic Layout Planning (SLP) techniques, Layout Planner diagrams and scores alternative designs using relationships between activities as the key measure of layout efficiency.

April 25, 2011
Proplanner Introduces ProTime 2011 for Time Studies

Proplanner announced the release of ProTime 2011. ProTime 2011 was re-written from the ground-up, to integrate the latest in video management and user interface technology available within the MS.NET 3.5 environment. Protime allows engineers to learn and productively deploy video-based studies in less than one hour. Engineers can now time-study tasks using live observations or videos, and optionally benchmark these times against predetermined standards, such as MTM, Most and Modapts.

Proplanner is offering a free web-based version of Protime for use by anyone evaluating the application or using it for education, available at

“Video-based time studies are the future for Industrial Engineering,” said Dr. Dave Sly, CEO of Proplanner. “These videos are not just for calculating time; information is collected just once, and is referenced in work instructions, line balancing studies, Kaizen events, and for historical verification that the time study is still accurate to the process as it is performed... the combined economic savings of recording the process once, and leveraging it for all process engineering functions, is shown to be as high as 80%.

New enhancements for 2011:

• User Defined Color Coded Task Categories present an effective way to classify, aggregate, chart and report different value-added, non-value-added, and non-value-added-but-necessary work tasks.

• New Pareto, Gantt and Pie Charts enhance presentation and categorization of user-defined work categories.

• Support for Multiple Videos in a Study allows observations of long cycle time operations to be integrated from multiple video recordings.

• Full support for new HD video formats provides support for the most common file formats created by today's video cameras.

• Full Copy/Paste Functionality with MS applications seamlessly import and export information to any MS Office Compliant application.

• New native XML file format permits electronic integration of study information with other IT systems, such as ERP and MPM.

• New ability to define tasks internal to other tasks enables simultaneous observed study of multiple workers and machines within a workplace.

• Easier selection of Tasks Performed in any order, allows selection of any task from the task list, multiple times if necessary.

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