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Technology Management - JNTU Hyderabad Syallabus - 2007

Management of Technology

The Objective of the course is to expose students to the importance of technology in conduct of business and its skillful management for optimum results.
*Students need Discounting Table and Statistical Table to solve problem

1. The Process  of  Technological  Innovation: The  Need    for    a    Conceptual  Approach,  Technological  Innovation        as  a  Conversion   Process,    Factors    Contributing  to    Successful    Technological       Innovation.

2. Strategies  For  Research  and  Development: R&D  as  A  Business,   Resource    Allocation    to  R&D,  R&D         Strategy    In    the    Decision       Making  Process,  Selection  and  Implementation  of  R&D  Strategy,     R  and  D        and  Competitive  Advantage,  New  Product  Development.

3. Creativity    and  Problem  Solving: The    Creative    Process,    Creative    Individuals,  Main  Characteristics, Techniques    For   Creative  Problem  Solving.

4. Financial Evaluation of  Research  and  Development  Projects:  The    Need    For  Cost  Effectiveness,  R&D Financial    Forecasts,    Risk    as    a  Factor  In  Financial  Analysis,    Project    Selection   Formulae,  Allocation        of  Resources,  DCF  and  Other    Techniques of evaluating    R&D  ventures.

5. Research  and  Development:  Programme  Planning  and    Control,    Portfolio    Planning,    Project  Planning  and        Control,    Project  Termination,  Resource  Allocation  and  Management.

6. New    Product  Development:   New  Product    Development    as    a   Competitive    Strategy,    Market  Research        For    Developing    New     Products,  Commercialisation  of  Research  Outcomes,    Industrial  Design,    Product        Architecture  and    Design    For    Manufacture,  Developing    Indigenous    Substitute    For    Raw    Materials.  

7. Technological    Forecasting    For    Decision    Making:   The   Definition    of  Technological  Forecasting,       Forecasting    System    Inputs  and  Outputs,  Classification  of  Forecasting  Techniques, Organisation  For      Technological  Forecasting,  Current  Status.

8. Transfer  of    Technology: Modes of technology transfer, Price of  technology transfer, Negotiation for price of MOT.


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