Saturday, September 26, 2015

27 September - Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


2001 - Pharmaceutical formulations for parenteral use  EP 0335545 B2
2001 - Carbocyclic side chain containing, n-substituted metalloprotease inhibitors
WO 2001070720 A2

Adolf Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe born 1818: synthesized acetic and salicylic acids; theory of radicals.

Sir William Willcocks born 1852; died 29 Jul 1932:  British civil engineer who proposed and designed the first Aswan (Assuan) Dam (1898-1902) on the River Nile and executed major irrigation projects in South Africa and Turkey. He was born and studied engineering in India before moving to Egypt in 1883, becoming director-general of reservoirs.

Joan Woodward (1916) - Industrial Sociology

Oliver Eaton Williamson (1932)

Silent Spring, a scathing critique of pesticides (including DDT), by Rachel Carson was published in 1962.

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