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David Olson Ulrich - Management Professor - HR and OB

David Olson Ulrich (born 13 September 1953) is a university professor and management consultant. Ulrich is a professor of business at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.  He has written  books in the areas of  human resources and leadership. Ulrich is  a Fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources.

In 2012, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from HR Magazine in 2012 for being the "father of modern human resources."

Dave Ulrich has been ranked the #1 Management Educator & Guru by BusinessWeek and was named the most influential person in HR by HR Magazine for three years.

Ulrich was born in the town of Ely, Nevada, but grew up in Oregon. He attended high school in Kansas.

Ulrich completed his undergraduate degree in University Studies in five semesters and began graduate school in Organizational Behavior in Brigham Young University.  He completed his doctorate in business at UCLA.

Dave Ulrich’s  research  has addressed questions on how organizations add value to customers and investors through both leadership and strategic human resource practices. In collaboration with Wayne Brockbank and Jon Younger, Ulrich has articulated how the modern HR organization can be organized into shared services, centers of expertise, and business partners. He was also involved in  research  about the competencies required for successful HR professionals. He also made efforts to shape thinking on how to transform HR practices so that they are aligned to customer needs.  In the leadership area, Norm Smallwood and Ulrich have worked to focus on the outcomes of effective leadership; how effective leadership will increase customer share by creating a leadership brand within the company. Their work also indicates that investing in leadership will increase shareholder value.



: Organizational Capability: Competing from the Inside Out 1 Jun 1990
: Boundaryless Organization 1 Jun 1995
: Tomorrow's HR Management 1 Jun 1997
: Human Resource Champions 1 Jun 1997
: Results Based Leadership 1 Jun 1999
: Organizational Learning Capability: 1 Jun 1999
: GE Workout 1 Jun 2003
: Why the Bottom Line Isn'’t: How to Build Value Through People and Organization 1 Jun 2003
: Competencies for the New HR 1 Jun 2003
: HR Scorecard: Linking People, Strategy, and Performance 1 Jun 2003
: Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing 1 Jun 2004
: 100 Things You Need to Know: To manage people effectively and to design better people practices 1 Jun 2004
: The Future of Human Resource Management 1 Jun 2005
: Human Resource Value Proposition 1 Jun 2005

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