Sunday, September 13, 2015

Development of Industry in UK and USA - Early Days

The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution
The development of the spinning machine by Sir Richard Arkwright in England led directly to the rise of the Industrial Revolution, and a new world of manufactured products. - Beginning of Industrial Revolution  - Rail Roads

Society and Economy in Modern Britain 1700-1850

Richard Brown
Routledge, Nov 1, 2002 - 496 pages
For both contemporaries and later historians the Industrial Revolution is viewed as a turning point' in modern British history. There is no doubt that change occurred, but what was the nature of that change and how did affect rural and urban society? Beginning with an examination of the nature of history and Britain in 1700, this volume focuses on the economic and social aspects of the Industrial Revolution

Why was legislation to improve factory conditions enacted between 1833 and 1850, and how much change did it bring about?

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