Wednesday, December 16, 2015

15 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1939 -  Nylon yarn was sold to hosiery mills to make women's stockings. First use of commercial yarn for apparel.

Engineering and Management News - 15 December 2015


1852 - Antoine-Henri Becquerel - French physicist - Nobel Laureate (1903) -discovery of radioactivity in fluorescent salts of uranium.

1861 - Charles Edgar Duryea - USA -  With his brother J. Frank Duryea  he built an automobile On 28 Nov 1895, Frank drove it to win $2,000 in the first American Automobile Race in Chicago, sponsored by the Chicago Times-Herald. The car travelled 54 miles from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois and back, in just over 10 hours. In 1896, they set up the Duryea Motor Wagon Co. in Springfield, Mass. and produced of 13 identical machines

They are recognized  as the "Fathers of the American Automobile Industry"


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