Wednesday, February 18, 2015

18 February Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

Management Article Revision

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Goal Setting and Performance


1745 - Alessandro Volta - Inventor of Volta Cell.   Read History of Battery in Wikipedia

February 18th, 1871 is Harry Brearley's birthday, Inventor of Stainless Steel
Brearley was an English metallurgist who discovered "rustless steel" or stainless steel. He was searching for a new steel to use to minimize corrosion of gun barrels that would still resist the high temperatures and pressures associated with firing a gun. He discovered that if he added chromium and nickel to ordinary carbon steel, a thin layer of protection from rust appeared.

2011 News
AeroVironment Inc., California developer of unmanned systems has a created a pocket size drone, nanohumming bird that can be controlled by a remote and can be used to take pictures.

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