Monday, February 16, 2015

Middle Managers Training Module - Requirements and Related Materials

Training Supervisors

Teachable Points: A Guided Tour for Frontline Supervisors

Reginald W. Sykes Sr.
iUniverse, Oct 28, 2013

The act of sharing knowledge and skills is a valuable resource. It serves as a tool for growth and learning, and it indicates the potential of a person to become a powerful asset that adds value to the individual and the organization. In Teachable Points, author Reginald W. Sykes Sr. offers operational lessons for frontline supervisors based on the principles of learning and teaching. He provides real-world solutions to everyday issues in the workplace. Intended for both new and seasoned managers, Teachable Points presents lessons grounded in basic management principles and based on action learning that is, learning from your day-to-day, on-the-job work experience. It discusses the role and purpose of a frontline supervisor, effective management practices, the purpose of business, the importance of getting and keeping customers, ways to provide service, and the fundamentals of managing personnel. Grounded in the theory of teaching what you learn, Teachable Points communicates the importance of frontline supervisors sharing their valuable knowledge with others to add incredible value to an organization.

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