Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why Winners Keep Winning

William Barnett
Thomas M Siebel Professor of Business Leadership, Strategy, and Organizations at the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Why do winners seem to just keep winning? Social scientists tell us that winners keep winning for several reasons. First off, maybe they are just better. But quality aside, we know that those with a reputation for past success tend to get disproportionate credit for future wins — the so-called "Matthew effect" described by the sociologist Robert K Merton. And of course the winners from the past tend to be in the right place to make things happen in the future, and have the connections and resources to make good on those opportunities.

  But there may be another reason that winners keep winning — a reason that is particularly useful to understand business leadership: the self-fulfilling prophecy. Some people tend to be unrealistically optimistic, a view that sometimes makes itself come true. The downside of unrealistic optimism is that you are out of touch, but the upside is that your outlook might trigger a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ten Reasons Winners Keep Winning, Aside from Skill
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
AUGUST 1, 2012
Haravard Business Review

Winners gain ten important advantages as a result of victory and use them for future wins.

1. Good Mood
2.  Attractive Situation
3. Learning from Feedback
4. Freedom to Focus
5. Positive Culture of Mutual Respect among Winning Team Members
6. Solid Support System that Contnues due to winning
7. Better Press
8. Invitations to Parties
9. Self Determination
10. Continuity - Less changes in winning combinations in future events.

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