Monday, June 3, 2013

Multipliers - Diminishers - Leadership Model by Liz Wiseman

Elizabeth Wiseman (Liz Wiseman) is president of Wiseman Group. In the research she did along with her colleagues, she came up with the model of leaders as  multipliers and diminishers. Multipliers use 95% of the capability of their followers where as diminishers use an average of 48%. Thus a multiplier leaders almost doubles the productivity of his followers by 100%.

They say, the multiplier uses five disciplines. As a talent magnet, he attracts talented people and uses them at their highest point of contribution. As a liberator, he creates an environment that allows people's best thinking and work. As a challenger he defines an opportunity that causes people to stretch. As a debate maker, he drives decision through rigorous debates.As an investor, he invests in the success of his followers and gives people the ownership for results.

Presentation by Liz Wiseman, and Greg McKeown, Coauthors at Google Talks on Multipliers
57.11 minutes


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