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Social Media Marketing - Online Book

Social Media Marketing - Introduction

What is Social Media Marketing? - Search Engine Land Article

“Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks”.

Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing and Social Media Platforms

How Organizations are Evolving in Social Media Marketing?

Marketing and Social Media

Social Media - New Hybrid Element of the Promotion  Mix

Social Media Marketing - Presentation - VP, Marketing Communcations Line 6

How Implementing Social Media Right Way Attracts Customer Loyalty - 2010 Article

Social Media Day - 30 June


Strategic Planning for Social Media - Work Sheet

Articles by Narayana Rao 

Social Media Marketing - Knol Bulletin Board

Social Media Day Blogging Challenge


Multicultural World of Social Media Marketing

Corporate Trends in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Legal Pitfalls of Using User Generated Content

Social Media Analytics - Insights from Blogs

Social Media Presentation by Julie Fox 2011


Brand Building in Social Media

Building Bank's Brand Equity through Social Media - Oracle white paper - 2009

Social Media and Brand Awareness - Bachelor's Thesis - 2010 - Lulea University of Technology

Powering Brand Equity through Social Media - TCS White paper - 2010


Social Media Metrics

Best Social Media Metrics - Conversation, Amplication, Applause, Economic Value by Aninash Kaushik, Google


Case Studies and Policy Manuals

Madison Area Technical College - Social Media Use Guidelines - 2012

Capstone Project Report - Effectively Incorporating Social Media: A Case Study on Coca Cola - 2011

How 300 Companies are Using Social Media - Gives the Social Media Presence of Each Company

Case Study for Classroom Discussion: Social Media and the Burger King Brand - 2007


Research Papers and Conferences

Research Papers on Social Media Marketing - A Collection

Proceedings of Conference on Social Media in Hospitality and Tourism - 2011
Virginia Tech - Pamplin School of Business



Articles on Social Media Marketing

You Need to Share Again and Again to Catch the Attention of Your Followers on Social Media
15 May 2014


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