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Social Media - How Companies Big and Small are Using it for Marketing

Article written on 18 October 2009. Posted on Knol
Companies have to communicate with existing customers and potential customers. They use personal communication channels as well as nonpersonal communication channels for this purpose. Salesmen, seminars, exhibitions, lectures, call centers etc. are forms of personal communication. Nonpersonal communcation channels carry messages without personal contact or interaction. According to Kotler, nonpersonal channels include media, atmosphere and events. Thus media is an essential component of marketing practice of companies.
Kotler identified print media, broadcast media, electronic media, and display media as categories of media in 1997. Now social media has emerged as another category that Kotler has to add to the categories of media that marketers use.
Social media developed on digital media which is served through internet. Internet is a network of computer networks and some computers termed as servers host data files having text, audio and visual data and provide the files on demand to any user computer. Individuals anywhere in the world can access the files of any server if they are connected to the internet. Social media emerged  softwares facilitated individuals anywhere in the world to send data to the designated data files on servers. Thus software generically termed as social media software permitted individuals in remote corners of the world to contribute to growing pool of data in an economically manner. Thus crowd generated or user generated or social group generated content emerged. Social media has emerged. Internet users liked the social media content. Hence social media sites have grown.
Marketers look for media that potential consumers use. Social media has a big user base. Marketers started using social media for their marketing activities.
The 100 largest of the Fortune 500 companies are using social media sites for their marketing activities. They are using twitter, blogs and facebook. (

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