Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Encana Gas and Oil - Cost Leadership


Encana Oil and Gas USA is a progressive company that has worked to define itself as a high growth, low-cost leader in unconventional natural gas production.

Knowledgeable and dedicated employees have resulted in recognition for Encana for their reclamation technologies and BMPs, cost structures that are among the lowest in industry, and community outreach efforts.

Encana uses Lifespan Planning Approach (LPA) to natural gas extraction. Encana has found that successful initial reclamation, guided every step of the process by Lifespan Planning, can greatly increase final reclamation success and significantly lower costs by eliminating the direct and indirect costs of failed reclamation attempts. Every Encana well pad since 2008 has been drilled with this approach in mind.
The LPA requires thorough site inventory and analysis and the implementation and maintenance of BMPs based on this inventory and analysis. To accomplish this task, Encana utilizes about 20 highly trained personnel to work each well pad. In every step of the process, team stops to ask questions about overall efficiency.



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