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1 November Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


1949 Typewriter ribbon and spool - H.J. Hart - No. 2486473

1772, Antoine Lavoisier reported that in the previous week he had discovered that sulphur and phosphorus when burned increased in weight because they absorbed “air,” while the metallic lead formed when litharge was heated with charcoal weighed less than the original litharge because it had lost “air.”

1796, the first permanent typefoundry in the U.S. was  established by Archibald Binny and James Ronaldson. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1873, Joseph F. Glidden began manufacturing his new invention of barbed wire, having filed for a patent a few days before, on 27 Oct 1873

1879, Edison signed the patent application for his electric lamp (issued 27 Jan 1880 as U.S. Patent 223,898).

1879, the world's first all-steel railroad bridge was placed in service over the Missouri River at Glasgow, Missouri, built for the Chicago & Alton railroad by Gen. William Sooy Smith.

1884, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was adopted universally at a meeting of the International Meridian Conference in Washington, DC, USA. From then the International Date Line was drawn up and 24 time zones created.

1901, Dr. J.E. Gillman announced an X-ray treatment for breast cancer.

1939, a rabbit conceived by artificial impregnation, was the first such animal in the U.S. to be displayed.

1952, in the first United States test of a thermonuclear device, a hydrogen bomb dubbed “Mike,” was exploded at Eniwetok Atholl in the Pacific, 3,000 miles west of Hawaii.

1957, the world's longest suspension bridge, the Mackinac Straits Bridge between Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas, opened at five miles long.

1977, Chiron, the farthest known asteroid was discovered.


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