Saturday, October 20, 2012

23 October Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

Edwin Garrigues Boring, 1886
was an American psychologist who was first recognized for his experimental work but later known as a historian of psychology.

Earth was created on 23rd October 4004 BC - A conclusion by an Archbishop

4004 BC, according to biblical interpretation by church leaders in 1650, the Earth was supposed to have been created.


1803, John Dalton presented an essay an essay on the absorption of gases by water, at the conclusion of which he gave a series of atomic weights for 21 simple and compound elements.

1814  The first modern plastic surgery was performed at the Duke of York's Hospital, Chelsea, England. The surgeon, Joseph Carpue developed the procedure based on letter by a British surgeon, Lucas, in Oct 1794 in the Gentleman's Magazine. Lucas described in that letter, a successful procedure performed in India whereby a forehead flap was used to reconstruct a man's mutilated nose. (Hindu texts, up to 2600 years ago, have described various reconstruction techniques.)

1819 The first boat passed through the Erie canal.

1947 The first American husband and wife team to win a Nobel Prize, Carl and Gerty Cori (née Radnitz) of Washington University Medical School, were awarded the Physiology or Medicine Prize for “the discovery on how glycogen is converted to glucose in the body, and for the effects of hypophysis hormones on sugar metabolism.”

1977 American paleontologist Elso S. Barghoorn of Harvard announced the discovery of Pre-Cambian spherical one-celled algae microfossils (named Eobacterium) 3.4 billion years old, earth's earliest life forms

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