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25 October Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


John North Willys, 1873
American automotive industrialist.  In 1912-18, Willys_overland's output ranked second only to Ford. He reorganized the faltering Overland Company in Indianapolis in 1907. He expanded the Willys-Overland plant into a larger factory in Toledo, Ohio. During WW I, Willys-Overland became a major producer of trucks, airplanes and airplane engines. In later days,  the Willys-Overland company pioneered the WW II Jeep, a rugged off-road vehicle. In 1970, the company was bought by American Motors Corporation.

William Higinbotham, 1910
American physicist who invented the first video game, Tennis for Two, as entertainment for the 1958 visitor day at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Henry Norris Russell, 1877
American astronomer and astrophysicist who showed the relationship between a star's brightness and its spectral type, in what is usually called the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

1671, Giovanni Cassini discovered Iapetus, one of Saturn's moons.

1881, Leslie L. Curtis of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, patented an air brush painting device. His patent No. 248,579 describes an "Atomizer for Coloring Pictures."

1955, the first domestic microwave oven was sold by Tappan.

1960, the Accutron 214, the world's first electronic wristwatch by Bulova, was placed on sale in New York City.

1990, the first transplant operation of a lung from a live donor to a recipient is performed by Dr. Vaughn A. Starnes, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, California.

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