Sunday, October 28, 2012

25 November Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1884 - The first U.S. patent for the process of evaporated milk was issued to John Meyenberg of St Louis, Missouri (No. 308,422).

 1910 - The American College of Surgeons was incorporated to elevate the standard of surgery, to establish a standard of competency and character for practitioners of surgery.

1948 - Cable television was invented by Leroy "Ed" Parsons. He took a signal from large antenna at the top of the hotel and used a coaxial cable to show the broadcast in hotel lobby

1975, the first U.S. patent for a whole-body X-ray scanner was issued to Robert S. Ledley (No. 3,922,552).


1835 - Andrew Carnegie  - Founder Carnegie Steel Corporation - Carngie Mellon University

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