Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 November Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1899 - Aluminum was first used as electric conductor.
1924 -  The first photographs sent by radio across the Atlantic as a public demonstration were received in New York and published next day in the New York Herald Tribune.
1954 - Meteorite struck a woman.


Presence of Water - Ice on Mercury is confirmed

Birthdays of  Engineers, Managers, Professors, Researchers and  Scientists 

Nobel Prize Winners

1869 - Nils Gustaf Dalen - 1912 Nobel in Physics
1889 - Edgar Douglas Adrian - 1932 Nobel in Medicine
1915 -   Henry Taube - Canadian-born American chemist - Awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1983  for his extensive research into the oxidation-reduction processes involving the ions of metallic elements.
1926 - Andrew V. Schally - 1977 Nobel in Medicine

1793 - Joseph Lukas Schonlein - helped in teaching medicine as natural science.
1819 - Cyrus West Field - US enterpreneur who promoted transatlantic telephone line between New York and London
1858 - Jagadish Chandra Bose
1899 - Andrew Jackson Moyer - mass production of pencillin

Management Revision

The Nature and Purpose of Planning - Review Notes

Objectives and Goals - Review Notes


Presence of Water - Ice on Mercury is confirmed

Knowledge History of the Day - Index for the Year

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