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Planning and Organizing HRD Department

PWC Survey 2014
44% of HR personnel say insufficient 2014. 40% say it in 2014
Lack of budget 23% in 2014. 24% in 2013

2013 Survey
Barriers for HRD

Strategic Planning for HRD (Google eBook)
Jerry W. Gilley
American Society for Training and Development, 2007 - Business & Economics - 16 pages

Apply the strategic planning process to your HRD program with the tools and strategies in this Info-line. A flow chart outlines the process and step-by-step guidelines help you develop an environmental analysis, establish goals and objectives, and create an action plan.

Human Resource Development: Today and Tomorrow
Ronald R. Sims
IAP, 01-Jan-2006 - Business & Economics - 339 pages

This book is written with the belief that HRD professionals will continue to learn, change and find ways to reinvent themselves and the profession individually and collectively as we move further into the 21st century. A major point of this book is that HRD will continue to become more and more important to organizational success. And, that in as calls for accountability and bottom line impact continue to rise, HRD professionals will be proactive in demonstrating their value to the organization. The primary audience for this book is practicing HRM and HRD professionals, and other organizational leaders. The book provides tested and proven ideas important to demonstrating the value of HRD. From a practical viewpoint, it is based on actual experience, a strong research base, and accepted practices presented in an easy to read form. A second target audience is students of HRD and HRM who are preparing for careers in this important field. This book will help them develop a solid foundation to the study of HRD practices that are key to HRD success regardless of the type of organization. A third target audience is managers or leaders at all levels of an organization who are increasingly expected to take on HRD responsibilities while also partnering with HRD professionals. It offers these individuals a firsthand look at what they should expect of their HRD functions or areas and how they can encourage HRD professionals in their organizations to be accountable' strategic partners in helping the organization achieve its success by getting the most out of its human capital.

Foundations of Human Resource Development
Richard A. Swanson, Elwood F. Holton
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2001 - Business & Economics - 439 pages

Foundations of Human Resource Development is a careful presentation of the basic theory and practice of human resource development (HRD). The book clearly frames and explains HRD in a manner that is useful for beginners and experts. Working definitions and core values derived from the history of HRD and its present challenges are presented.

HRD Innovations: A Case Study From the Finnish Paper Industry
Ville Nurmi
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
Paper Presented at the European Conference on Educational Research,
Lahti, Finland 22 - 25 September 1999

Linking HRD Programs with Organizational Strategy: Twelve Case Studies from the Real World of Training
William J. Rothwell
American Society for Training and Development, 1998 -  221 pages
The case studies included in this volume show you how organizations of varied sizes and types have attempted to link human resource development (HRD) efforts-some successfully and others not so successfully-to organizational strategy. Many cases are drawn from U.S. domestic organizations lead you through the best practices.

First article
Linking HRD to Org. Strategy
Many people feel that if only HRD could be effectively linked to the organization's long term strategy, then it would command top management's attention, galvanise management support, and attract additional resources.

a perspective on improving organizations
and people in the paper industry
Robert H. Rouda & Mitchell E. Kusy, Jr.
(C) copyright 1995 by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry.
This is the first in a series of articles which originally appeared in Tappi Journal in 1995-96, to introduce methods addressing the development of individuals and organizations through the field of Human Resource Development. (The article has been updated, and is reproduced with permission of the copyright owner.)

BHEL HRD Institute has a budget of Rs. 60 cr in year 2000. It is meant for senior managers of BHEL.

Resource Requirements of HRD

Chapter 16 Planning for HRD

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