Sunday, November 9, 2014

Technology Intelligence - Now a Full Fledged Subject and Program

The Centre for Technology Management has defined 'technology intelligence' as

"the capture and delivery of technological information as part of the process whereby an organisation develops an awareness of technological threats and opportunities." (Kerr et al., 2006).

Intelligence comes from external sources, but it may also be contained within the organisation - explicitly or tacitly - if it has already been acquired by an internal party. Firms need to be able to find and use this information quickly and easily, as well as acquiring the information they need from external sources.

Researchers ar IFM created a three-level model comprising the framework, system, and process of acquiring technology intelligence. The model was tested through case studies of technology intelligence systems in 14 technology-based companies.

Information about the book: Technology intelligence: Identifying threats and opportunities from new technologies

Consultants for Technology Intelligence

Data Mining Tools for Technology and Competitive Intelligence 
Laura Ruotsalainen 

Approximately 80% of global scientific and technical knowledge can be found, accessed and understood from patent documents.  
Patents are  a unique source of information since they are collected, screened and published according to internationally agreed standards. In addition to providing technology intelligence, patent documents offer a business competitive intelligence by revealing a competitor's strengths and strategies in the area of technology development. Information gained from patents can also help in locating partners for cross-licensing and collaboration. 

Since the patent system was established, more than 60 million patent applications have been published and manual analysis of this huge data is not feasible any more and use of computing technology is cost effective.

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