Saturday, November 1, 2014

HBR Guide to Negotiating - 2014 - Book Information

183 pages. Publication Date: Jun 27, 2014.

Using the "HBR Guide to Negotiating" and the accompanying tools & video, you'll learn a collaborative and creative approach that results in better outcomes and stronger relationships for all.

The "HBR Guide to Negotiating eBook + Tools + Video" will help you:
(1) Identify the real issues at stake,
(2) Prepare materials in advance,
(3) Set the right tone as you begin the negotiation,
(4) Successfully handle emotions,
(5) Tame a hard bargainer,
(6) Know when to walk away,
(7) Manage multiple-party negotiations, and
(8) Reality-proof your agreement.

Use the tools to help you identify the key interests of all stakeholders, brainstorm options, and establish fair standards you can all agree on.

You can watch the video case to see these negotiation techniques in action. Together they will help you sharpen your  negotiation skills and The skills will help you to become a  successful negotiator.

A tip from the book
Get Multiple Parties in Sync During a Negotiation

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