Monday, January 5, 2015

Brand Equity - Definition

David A. Aaker
Brand equity is a set of assets (and liabilities) linked to brand's name and symbol that adds to (or subtracts from) the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or that firm's customers. The major asset categories aer:
1. Brand name awareness
2. Brand loyalty
3. Perceived quality
4. Brand associations
Building Strong Brands, The Free Press, New York, 1996

Brand associations are linked to a concept Brand Identity. Aaker sees brand identity as consisting of 12 dimensions organized around 4 perspectives.

Brand-as-product (product scope, product attributes, quality/value, uses, users, country of origin)
Brand-as-ogranization (organizational attributes, local versus global)
Brand-as-person (brand personality, brand-customer relationships); and
Brand-as-symbol (visual imagery/metaphors and brand heritage)

Bradz: Branz model of brand strength

Brand Resonance Model

Kevin Keller also contributed to Brand equity theory.

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