Saturday, January 10, 2015

8 January Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

Patents Issued

1889 - ART OF COMPILING STATISTICs - Punched card machine - Herman Hollerith- 395,781

2008 Patent issued for machine for preparation of beverages - Kraft Foods

2008 8 January -  Tilt away tailstock attachment for lathes


1881 William T. Piper - Manufacturer of popular family 2 seater airplane

1909 - Shigeo Shingo -  Great Japanese Industrial Engineer

1919 Philip Selznick Professor - Berkeley - Leadership

Management Knowledge Revision

Product Design and Process Selection—Services

Total Quality Management: and Six Sigma

Science, Engineering and Management Knowledge History of the Day - Index for the Year

Knowledge History of the Day - Index for the Year

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