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Successful Semi-Professional Blogging - $1000 per month Income

Semi-Professional Blogging

There are more than 200 million blogs and bloggers out in the Blogosphere. The digital media and the development of blogging platforms made it easy for many people to share their knowledge and creative writing with the society at large. In that attempt to share their knowledge with people, an opportunity to make money is created through online advertising. While Google Adsense is the leading online advertising platform, there are many more. So, many can try to make money through semi-professional blogging or part-time blogging.

Successful Semi-Professional Blogging

We can say a successful semi-professional blogger makes $1000 a month and spends two hours a day on blogging. A professional blogger status comes when one starts making $2000 a month in USA. In a country like India, professional blogger status can be given even at $300 per month.

Is it possible to earn $1000 a month from blogging? Yes.

Are there persons making this sort of money? Yes, there are many. May be 500,000+ persons.

Are there any persons publicly declaring that they are making $1000+ per month?

There are many. When you come across a claim, just check the Alexa rank of their site or blog. If it is above 500,000 you can certainly believe them. Many have multiple blogs and sites. So a blogger or webmaster with at least one blog above One million Alexa rank can make $1000 per month. I am giving below some references of the claims by bloggers. I am including only those persons whose blogs have good Alexa ranks.

What can be the plan?

Plan for 250 posts a year. Each post on an average needs to get 10,000 page views per annum.
It will give you 2,500,000 page views. This means 208,000 page views per month. If one can monetize this visitors and page view numbers at $5 per thousand $1000 income per month will come.

Is it possible at monetize a blog at that income level ($5 per thousand). Yes.

See this exhibit. A blogger who monetized his huge 13 million page views at $9.87 per thousand. So monetizing at $5 cpm is more realistic. Of course it is not easy or simple. You have to become skilled at it. Have I done it? No. I am yet to do it. I am still spending time in time creating content or in protecting content that I developed on Knol. But the opportunity is to be recognized. Only when you recognize an opportunity and you feel, you can take the benefit of it, that you will make serious efforts to understand it and then learn the skills needed to actually benefit from it.

Blogging is writing, selling and monetizing  combined. An independent blogger is a sole proprietor business man. He needs information gathering and writing skills. He needs to sell his articles through his online and offline efforts. Then when people are coming and reading his articles, he needs to sell his media space through advertisements and affiliate sales programs (Five Roles of Blogger - Article by Steve Spaulding).

I would not advise people to look at $5 per 1000 monetization. But may be $2 per 1000 monetization. That means you need 500,000 page views per month. Yes there are bloggers getting these page view numbers (500,000+) and I advise aspiring people to target this. This figure one can achieve in two years time.

Don't look for success and money from the first day. Give your self a year to find out whether you have the foundation skill of writing good popular articles. Then get into serious promotion activities. Then only serious monetization. Concentrate first on writing. Learn researching available materials and writing. Learn interviewing people and writing. Learn online content promotion. Then concentrate on monetization. There are many articles out in blogosphere to give you information about each of the stages. There are coaches also. Probably once you start making reasonable money, you will feel confident about paying something to these coaches and learn from them. External support is always useful in the long run. When you are making decent money, you would not mind paying some to increase your potential and understanding. If there are 500,000+ income earning bloggers, there will be coaches and consultants to support them.

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Updates in December 2014

A problogger survey of 2012 says 13% of the 1500 bloggers who responded to its survey said they are making $1000 from their blogs.

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