Monday, December 22, 2014

22 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1879 - The liquefaction of oxygen was announced by Raoul Pierre Pictet (1846-1929), a Swiss chemist and physicist through a telegram to the French Academy.

Birthdays - Nobel Prize Winners

1903 Haldan Keffer Hartline
Nobel Lecture  - Visual Receptors and Retinal Interaction


1838 - Vladimir Markovnikov: synthesis of cyclobutane and cyclopentane derivatives; Markovnikov's rule for additions to alkenes.
1870 - William Lloyd Evans: chemistry of carbohydrates;
1887 Srinivasa Ramanujan, Indian Mathematician, Mathematics Day in India
1900 - Arie Jan Haagen-Smit: nature and source of smog; smog abatement.
1900 - John Clarke Slater: orbital approaches to quantum chemistry (Slater-type orbitals, Slater determinant); tetrahedral carbon compounds.

1946 - Arthur G. Bedeian,

Management Knowledge Revision

Economic Analysis of Poverty and Equity

Alternative Economic Systems - Review Notes

Videos for the day

Integrated Principles of Construction Management - Ron Price - Fresno State
20 March 2014

Fresno State

Modular engineering, electric cars


Knowledge History of the Day - Index for the Year

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