Saturday, December 20, 2014

20 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

Einsteinium (Es, element 99) discovered by  Louise Smith, Sherman Fried, Gary Higgins; Albert Ghiorso, Rod Spence, Glenn Seaborg, Paul Fields and John Huizenga using ion-exchange chromatography at University of California, Berkeley, 1952.


1805 - Thomas Graham: absorption of gases, osmosis, colloids, and dialysis; Graham's law of effusion

1901 - Robert Jemison Van de Graaff was born.
Van de Graaff was the American physicist who designed the Van de Graaff generator.

Birthdays - Nobel Prize Winners

1890 Jaroslav Heyrovský
The Trends of Polarography

Management Knowledge Revision

Wages and the Labor Market - Samuelson and Nordhaus

Capital, Interest and Profits - Review Notes

Videos for the day

Master Class on Supply Chain Risk Management
Cass Business School  - 10 March 2014


Cass Business School (Official) upload

Energy - Engineering Perspective


December 21 Knowledge History

Knowledge History of the Day - Index for the Year

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