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31 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1808 - Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac read his memoir on combining volumes of gases to the Philomathic Society of Arcueil, 1808.
Gay Lussac’s law of combing volumes
Under similar conditions of temperature and pressure, whenever gases react together, the volumes of the reacting gases as well as products (if gases) bear a simple whole number ratio.

1813 - Gas lights was used in London - West Minister Bridge

1833 - Patent for reaper was given to Obed Hussy of Maryland.
1879 - Inventor Thomas Edison first publicly demonstrated his electric incandescent light in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

Edison's lamp was the first practical design of electric bulb. He found a suitable carbonized filament that lasts longer time. He  created a good vacuum in the globe or bulb. His design included the socket mount - the Edison screw base which  is still in use.

1911 - Marie Curie received her 2nd Nobel Prize
The second prize is for Chemistry. The first one was for Physics.

1938 - Drunkometer to check alcohol intake by breath test was invented.

1951 - A battery that can convert radioactive energy to electricity was announced.
1964 - Donald Cambell established a new water speed record in a speed boat - 276.33 mph (441.71 km/h)
1968 -  The Russian Tupolev TU-144 prototype 00-1 became the first supersonic-capable airliner to fly when it made its first 37-min flight at Zhukovski, USSR, with test pilot Captain E.V. Elyan at the controls (Concorde did it later).
1976 - Harry Garland and Roger Melen, two roommates at Stanford University, form CROMEMCO, a pioneer company to manufacture microprocessor-based computers.


1514 - Andreas Vesalius - (University teacher of Anatomy - He personally conducted number of dead human body dissections. His book on anatomy of 1543 is a major improvement over the 2nd century's Galen's anatomy. He can be said to be part of modern medicine development pioneers.

1844 - Charles Albert Coffin - First CEO of GE

1952 - Vaughn F.R. Jones (Mathematic Field Medal)

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1937 - Avram Heshko

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