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28 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

1886 - Patent was granted for a dish washer that was commercially successful (No. 355,139). The recipient was Josephine Garis Cochrane.

1895 - The brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière presented their motion-picture films in their first public performance, at the Salon Indien of the Grand Café, 14 Boulevard des Capucines in Paris.

1981 - In USA, In vitro (In glass) fertilization was successful and first baby Elizabeth Jordan Carr was born. Even though the first test tube baby was born in UK, its success in various countries and cultures is important historical landmark for the procedure to spread quickly and help more people.

2005 - Galileo satellite launched by European consortium.


1908 - John Von Neumann
John von Neumann is born in Budapest, Hungary. He obtained a degree in chemical engineering. Von Neumann developed the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) computer while at Princeton. The IAS computer and its “von Neumann architecture,” served as the model for a number of computers built at governmental and scientific institutions. Von Neumann architecture standardized the way programs and data were stored in a computer’s common memory.

1969 - Linus Torvalds (Linux system)

Birthdays - Nobel Prize Winners

1944 - Kary B. Mulis (Chemistry, 1993)


1956 Harold Koontz presented the paper "A Preliminary Statement of Principles of Planning and Control" in the annual meeting of Academy of Management, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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