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Economic, Accounting, Cost Control and Financial Analysis Skills for Technical Personnel

Economic and Cost Control Skills for Technical Personnel

Microeconomics, Engineering Economics, Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, and Financial Analysis of investment and operating expenditure explained with focus on technical personnel and their decision issues.


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Engineers who know their technology well and can give technical solutions are good engineers. But rich engineers are those who provide a technical solution that is economical. Engineering includes design, manufacture, operation and maintenance. Engineers need to learn economic analysis, financial analysis and must have the ability to read financial, cost and management accounting reports and must be able to manage costs and budgets of their departments. This knol is a collection of knols in these topics that are specially written for providing easily readable materials to technical personnel.
Organizing a management development program at NITIE, Mumbai, India during 8th to 12th November 2010 on the topic. You can have a look at the  Brochure of the program

Engineering Economics - Poem

Engineers design engines
Engineers produce engines
Engineers maintain engines
Engineers redesign engines
Engines work
Engineers make buck
Engines sell in millions
Engineers make billions
To sell in millions
Engineers use economics
Demand curves give price
Engineers keep it in eyes
Engineers strain
stretch their brain
mix and fix
materials and processes
They achieve the cost
that gives them most
profit at last
and makes them best
Technology makes one good engineer
Economy makes him rich engineer

Engineering Economics

Financial Accounting

Journalising a Business Transaction

Journal Entry – Exercise Problem

Ledger Posting Exercise 1

Trial Balance

Preparing Profit and Loss Account From Trial Balance

Cost Accounting

Financial Analysis

Investment Analysis for Working Capital Assets (Current Assets) - Explanation for Technical Personnel

Information for Engineering Economic Analysis

Information Systems for Asset Management

Horngren Cost Accounting - Chapter Summaries by KVSSNRao

Cost Accounting - Horngren et al., Book Information and Review
1. The Role of Accounting in Organizations
2. Cost Terms and Concepts
2a. Concept of Cost Objective
3. Cost - Volume - Profit (CVP) Analysis
4. Job Costing
5. Activity based costing (ABC)
6. Master Budget
7. Variance Analysis, Flexible Budget and Management Control
Free Online Books - Economics and Accounting
Principles of Double Entry Bookkeeping
Accounting and Finance for Managers
by Karunakara Patra, 2006
Has many links to Google Books 

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