Friday, January 20, 2012

MBA Operations Management - Knowledge Revision Guide - Online Book


Introduction to Operations Management, Manufacturing Management, Service Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Operations Planning and Control, Quality Management, Cost Management, Work Force Leading Skills, Maintenance Management, Supply Chain Design, Supply Management, Logistics Management, Industrial Engineering, Productivity and Improvement Management

Managerial skills are classified as technical skills, behavioral skills, and business conceptual skills. For managing any function or department or task, the manager has to know the technology or the work steps in completing the task. Then to be a manager or leader of people he needs to have people skills. To be a manager of a business unit either cost center or profit center, he needs to have to grasp of the business dimensions of the unit. Who are customers and what are their needs? Who are suppliers and what are their expectations? Who are his team in delivering the products and services and what are their capabilities and expectations. These issues are part of business conceptual skills. The technical skills involved in production are taught in engineering courses. The learners in operations management courses have to refresh and further improve their engineering knowledge during their MBA studies as well as afterwards.

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