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Maintenance Management

Maintenance management involves managing the activities of maintenance function or department in an organization.

Maintenance is needed to keep the equipment in operational condition or repair it to its operational mode whenever breakdown occurs. The main objective of the maintenance activity  is to have increased availability of equipments and thereby production systems. 

Maintenance Strategies 

A maintenance strategy is a systematic plan of maintenance action. Following are the currently available maintenance strategies for an organization to choose from. 

•    Breakdown Maintenance or Operate to Failure or Unplanned Maintenance
•    Preventive or Scheduled Maintenance
•    Predictive or Condition Based Maintenance  
•    Opportunity Maintenance
•    Design out Maintenance

Activities of  Maintenance Department 

•    Repair of machine breakdowns  
•    Preventive Maintenance tasks – Inspection and lubrication of existing equipment
•    Condition Monitoring tasks – monitoring of faults and failures using appropriate techniques
•    Modifications of already installed equipment and facilities
•    Management of spare parts inventory
•    Supervision of maintenance manpower
•    Keeping records 


Lecture Note by O.P. Gandhi, ITMMEC, IIT Delhi

Levitt Joel, “Handbook of maintenance management”, Industrial Press, 1997.

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