Friday, January 6, 2012

Politics - The Concept and Theory in Organizational Behavior

Pfeffer (1981) defined organizational politics as: “activities taken within organizations to acquire, develop, and use power and other resources to obtain one‟s preferred outcomes in a situation in which there is uncertainty or dis-sensus about choices”

Kurchner-Hawkins and Miller (2006) considered organizational politics as "an exercise of power and influence that primarily occurs outside of formal organizational processes and procedures.Political behaviors consist of influence tactics designed to further self and/or organizational interests, and its basic aim is to reconcile and effectively manage such potentially competing interests"

Politics in organization and its perception within organization

A synthesis of literature on organizational politics
Sami Ullah, Abu Rashid Jafri, Muhammed Khyber Bin Dost
Far East Journal of Psychology and Business
Vol 3, No 3, 2011

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