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12 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


12 Jul 1854    George Eastman - rolled film (first patented on 14 Oct 1884) and the Kodak camera (patented 4 Sep 1888). Founder of  the Eastman-Kodak Company.
12 Jul 1895 Richard Buckminster Fuller - developed the geodesic dome. This large dome can be built directly on the ground.
12 Jul 1913 Willis Eugene Lamb, Jr. - Nobel Prize for Physics in 1955 for his discoveries concerning the fine structure of the hydrogen spectrum.
12 July 1928 Elias James Corey Nobel Prize for Chemistry

1859  The paper bag manufacturing machine was patented by William Goodale, Massachusetts, USA.
1870 A U.S. patent (No. 105,338) for an improved process to produce celluloid was awarded to John Wesley Hyatt, Jr. (known to be the “father of the U.S. Plastics industry) and his brother, Isaiah S. Hyatt of Albany, N.Y.
1920  The Panama Canal was formally opened. It had taken more than 30 years to complete it at a cost of $347 million.
1957  U.S. Surgeon General Leroy Burney,  issued a report on a connection between smoking and lung cancer.

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