Saturday, June 30, 2012

17 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

17 Jul 1839   Ephraim Shay  invented the Shay geared, small steam locomotive
17 July 1920 Nils Bohlin - Developed the three point lap and shoulder seat belt - Automobile safety device

1790, Thomas Saint of  London  patented a  machine, fitted with an awl that makes a hole in leather and allows a needle to pass through it. This machine made a chain stitch with a tambour-type needle to produce a mechanical crochet or chain stitch. This may be the first patent for a sewing machine.
Stitches - The History of Sewing Machines
Sewing Machine - Mechanisms and Design

1902, Willis Haviland Carrier completed drawings for what came to be recognized as the world's first scientific air conditioning system.
Air Conditioning - Patents - History

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